Electra-Flow™ Electric Ink Pump


The SUN Electra-Flow™ Electric Ink Pump is the evolution of the double diaphragm ink pump; however, it is electrically powered to reduce operational costs. Using a low-voltage DC motor in a cycloidal motion to oscillate opposed diaphragms, Electra-Flow™ eliminates air consumption (added stress to the compressor), fittings, tubing, and solenoids.

The Electra-Flow™ Electric Ink Pump delivers 0-10 gallons of liquid per minute and the low voltage DC Motor allows adjustment of the flow volume and is safe for operators. Additionally, the pump is self-priming, has positive displacement, and allows scraps and high viscosity inks to pass smoothly.

The Electra-Flow™ Electric Ink Pump is available as stand-alone kits or integrated into ink system controls.